Another Year Done…

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Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe that another athletics ‘year’ is done and the Moscow World Championships are drawing to a close. Personally, it has been a successful championships, finishing 4th in my 400H Heat in 55.37 (4th best time ever) and then 7th in my 400H Semi Final in 55.75, placing me 14th in the world overall.

Despite always wanting more from myself, which is a common trait in all elite athletes, I achieved my goals for 2013 – to run a PB, which I did in July (55.08, from 55.25) and to finish Top 16 at World Champs. I would have loved to run faster in my semi and take a few scalps! But it was a solid back up nonetheless, and still a result I can be very proud of.

After the London Olympics I had 4mths off running to rehab an injury. This year, my body is in the best shape it has been and although I will be having a small break from training, I am looking forward to continuing the form I am in and getting into some tough training from September onwards, towards the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games!

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank the people who have been instrumental in getting me to Moscow and allowing me to be the best I possibly can be.

MattyB – my incredible coach who is a constant support and source of encouragement. His knowledge, professionalism and passion are unparalleled and it shows in my performances. We are a great team and I can’t wait to see what we can do next year! x

My family – Parents Neil and Kerry and brother Steven, thank you for the endless love and support. It makes my job easier knowing I have such a wonderful family back home. I love you x

My fiance – Heath, thank you for being my absolute rock. It is so hard travelling and being away from you, but your love, encouragement and support mean the world to me. I love you x

MattyBDEPT - my awesome training squad, particularly my roomie Mel, and BJ who is usually on these trips with us! It is awesome to have the support not only on the road here but also from home, I can’t wait to be back training at home with you all!

AIS/ASC – particularly Ben Raysmith (physio), Tony Bond (massage), Ari Takkinen (pilates) and Ross Smith (gym) – the most professional group of people who in their own fields, have assisted and guided me in the direction of excellence and being the best athlete I can. Really can’t thank you enough!

Athletics Australia – I really appreciate all of the support that has been shown to me so far and I hope that we can continue to build a strong relationship the future.

Nike and Oakley – apparel, footwear and eyewear are imperative in daily training and to be working with two of the Worlds’ best companies is an absolute honour. I hope our successful partnerships can continue to grow, long into the future!

There are many more people who have been a part of the journey and I honestly am so thankful and overwhelmed by the support. I appreciate everything people say and do for me, so thank you all so much!

Lots of love,

Lauren xo :-)

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Moscow World Championships

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Hi Everyone,

I am in Moscow, Russia now! The Australian Flame Team arrived on Tuesday, after a very early 4am start! We are staying in the Crowne Plaza, which is an awesome hotel and only 15mins bus from the main stadium. Training has been going very well and tomorrow will be my final warm up before competition! I am feeling great and very ready to race!

You will be able to find my timetable of events on my ’2013 Race Schedule’ page.

I will also try and put some photos up once the wifi is working a bit better in the hotel!

My blog is up-to-date now too, so I hope you enjoy the read.

Live results will be available throughout the World Championships, through the IAAF website.

I hope you all enjoy the short coverage back in Australia, I believe SBS will have a 1hr highlights program on each night!

Aussie Aussie Aussie……. OI OI OI!!!

Lauren :)

London Diamond League

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, it has been quite a busy time for me! On Friday July 26th I was fortunate enough to run a 400H in the London Anniversary Games, which was a 3-day Diamond League held exactly 1yr after the 2012 London Olympic Games. I got a late call up and was so excited to be running in front of 60, 000 people in that amazing stadium!

I finished 9th in a time of 55.93, which was pleasing as I had been training hard for the 2wks previous and had not been competing. It was a solid time and fantastic to run in such a high quality race, especially as it was my last one before the World Championships.

Full results are available here…

A video of the race is available on my ’2013 Race Footage’ page and I have also updated my blog!

Lauren :)


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Hi Everyone,

Last night (Saturday July 13th) I had my third 400H race of the week, competing in Heusden, Belgium at the KBC Night of Athletics. I finished 3rd in 55.84. I am very pleased with this result, as I managed to run faster and finish stronger than my race in Budapest on Wednesday and also reversed the result on one of my competitors. It was a close race but a great way for me to close out the week.

Full race results are available here…

Footage of my race is available on my ’2013 Race Footage’ page.

I have also posted a new blog to give a more in-depth review of my run in Heusden and also the week as a whole!

Happy reading and viewing!

Lauren :)


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Hi Everyone,

On Wednesday July 10th I competed in the 400H at the Gyulai Istvan Memorial in Budapest, Hungary. I finished 6th in a time of 56.14. I executed my race pattern well but was disappointed I did not run faster. The conditions were not ideal for 400H and my tummy was not agreeing with the Hungarian food, however, these are not excuses. I was perhaps a little flat from my PB run a few days prior, which is completely understandable I think!

Full results from the meet are available here. I am still trying to track down footage of my race, so stay tuned!

I now turn my attention to the final 400H of this big week of racing, which is Saturday July 13th in the KBC Night of Athletics Meet in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.

Information for the meet can be found here or on my ’2013 Race Schedule’ page.

Also, to view the video’s from my time in Cologne so far, courtesy of MattyB, they will now be located on my ’2013 Media’ page.

Lauren :)


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Hi Everyone,

I RAN A PB!!!!!! After 3yrs I have finally run a new 400H PB! In placing 1st at the Leon Buyel Memorial Meet, Oodergem, Belguim on July 6th I ran a new Personal Best time of 55.08! It was a really close, hard-fought race and I was pushed the whole way. I was so happy, relieved and a tiny bit surprised when I crossed the finish line to see 55.08 on the clock!

I am so amazingly grateful to my wonderful coach Matt Beckenham. His endless support, guidance and passion allow me to trust him and what we are trying to achieve 100% and the results are showing this strong partnership. We have so much more to come, but thank you for the new PB! The MattyBDEPT (inc. the Mini’s I coach) crew are an inspirational group and I am very thankful to have them around me, as well as my wonderful family and friends. Particularly my fiance Heath and my parents. I love you all very much :)

I am excited because training is going  racing are mirroring that. I feel like here is so much more to come, so stay tuned!

Footage of the race is now available on my ’2013 Race Footage’ page and there is a new blog for you to check out too.

Lauren xx :) :) :)

Footage now available

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Hi Everyone,

Race footage from my 400H at the Ostrava Golden Spike meet on Thursday June 27th is now available on my ’2013 Races’ page or you can click here… Also, full results from the meet are available here…

Also, MattyB (coach) has been very creative in documenting the time Mel, Matty and I have spent in Cologne so far, as well as our housemates Brandon Starc and Alex Stewart.

To view Cologne Week 1 please click here…

To view Cologne Week 2 please click here…

Enjoy your viewing!

Lauren :)