Recent Media on Lauren Boden!

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Hi Everyone,

As the London Olympics approaches rather quickly, there have been a few media interviews, articles and videos featuring myself, as well as my wonderful training partner and fellow London Olympics-bound athlete Brendan Cole, as well as my awesome coach Matt Beckenham.

Please take a few moments to watch/read and gain more of an insight as to who I am, leading into the biggest competition of my career.

You can click on each article below, or you can also find them on my ‘2012 Media’ page.

The Australian Sports Commissioninterview with Lauren Boden and Brendan Cole; giving an insight as to what the Australian Institute (AIS) and the Olympic Games means to them

The Australian Sports Commissioninterview with coach Matt Beckenham on his experiences at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and how his athletes are shaping up before the Olympics

Prime Ministers’ Olympic & Paralympic Challenge – Brendan Cole runs you through some important stretches, aptly assisted by my good self!

The Herald Sun – I had journalist, Nick Walshaw from The Daily Telegraph, join me for a training session before I left Australia. Here is his version of how that went…!

The Daily Telegraph –  Video footage of the training session Nick Walshaw joined in with me on!

I hope you enjoy them!

Lauren :)

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